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How it works

At our fingertips, you have two convenient options:

  1. On-Demand Booking: This hassle-free choice allows you to sign up for one-time services whenever you need them. Our hourly rate for this option is just $30. We're here to assist with a wide range of tasks, from cooking to light cleaning and beyond. Our primary aim is to offer companionship and provide an extra pair of hands when you require it.

  2. Monthly Plan Subscription: Opt for our monthly plan subscription, which not only secures you a predetermined number of hours but also offers you a valuable discount. It's the perfect way to ensure you always have the support you need.

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Our Services

  • 1 hr

    45 US dollars

  • 1 hr

    30 US dollars

Monthly Plans

  • Silver Support

    Every month
    20 hours per month, 10% discount on our hourly rate
    • Elderly Care
  • Essential Support

    30 hours per month, 17% discount on our hourly rate
    Free Plan
    • Elderly Care
  • Premium Support

    Every month
    40 hours a month, 20% discount on our hourly rate
    • Elderly Care
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