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After just visiting with a woman in a nursing home for just 5 minutes, our founder, Mikayla Cluxton, was shocked about how quickly they could connect. The woman immediately broke down in tears and asked when Mikayla could return to visit again. She just needed a friend and someone to talk to.

At that moment, Mikayla knew what she had to do- make more moments like this happen. 

Loneliness has the same impact on your health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day and can literally take off 15 years of your life. Elderly individuals struggle to get as much interaction as they need. On the flip side, caregivers struggle to be there physically, emotionally, socially, and more for their loved ones. From running errands to endless phone calls, and sometimes still even raising their own families, it's a lot to do. 

We are set on making a solution to this problem.

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